Church of God Cemetery, Middlesex Twp, Butler Co (Camp Trefoil)


11/02: Martha Bachman reports:

You noted that Camp Trefoil (cemetery) site needs to be checked. Did that this summer. I didn't bushwhack, as would have been necessary, into the site. Will bring more appropriate clothing next summer and photograph site. Did talk to the owners of the land and oriented myself. My memory of the existence of Umstead graves on Camp Trefoil land is correct. That site is the Church of God Cemetery. The old basement I remember from camp is believed to be the basement of the church by the present owners. I'm not sure that is correct and need to research it more. I could also be the Swartz home. The cemetery is close to the site of the old building. My memory is being told this was a house not that it was a church. There is some confusion as to whether the cemetery originated with the church or the families buried in the cemetery are the ones who founded the church. You have the listing for the Church of God. This includes Richard Umstead and his wife Elizabeth Carner. Her parents are there as are her sister Sophia and her husband Fred Swartz. The land appears to have been the Swartz farm but I'll need to verify that. There are Marshes and Millers also in the cemetery. We know that the Umsteads and Dunbars married Marshes. I'm not sure of the Miller connection.


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