Abraham Umstat of MD Wolf's Cow Property, Linganore and Sugar Loaf Hundred, Montgomery Co, Maryland, 1783

Page 23

 Column 6
 Column 7

Names of the Land as mentioned in the original
Grant in Alphabetical Order: Wolf's Cow

No. of Acres in the original grantor deed: - (none)

Names of the present owners: Abraham Umstat  

 Number of Acres
held by each: 50
 Value thereof: 19

COLUMN 6 - Surplus Land in the Original Grant or Deed
COLUMN 7 - Deficiency in the Original Grant

 Improvements: 2 small log houses

Situation & Quality of arable wooded & meadow land:
35 M fm G.T. wooded stony thin land


I read it as Wolfboro, not Wolf Cow, which is also what I was told by someone at the Maryland State Archives. HOWEVER, this came to me by way of Betsy Umstattd:

I'm one of the authorities who say it's "Wolf's Cow." For several reasons: People did not give their tract names town names unless they were subdividing them. Not true here. Also I looked through some of my volumes of Frederick County land records, where the property was resold, and found the Resurvey on Wolf's Cow, being used in 1769 when Ninian Beall recorded a deed from Philp Holt, in Frederick County Land Records, liber M:132-133. Also, published authority, Peter Wilson Coldham, in Settler's of Maryland, 1751-1765, read the 1763 patent name as Wolf's Cow under Philip Holt Jr. The ladies of MCHS (Sheila Cochran, Florence Howard and Eleanor Cook) who worked with the patents for 20 years, including platting them from adjoining tracts which often mention other tracts, have Wolf's Cow, not Wolfsboro, and they are authorities for Montgomery County land records. Both Eleanor and I at various times have served on the Maryland Archives Researchers Advisory board. We have all looked not only at the patents, but often at surveys and later deeds that identify the tracts name. [The Maryland State Archives does] get student help. The archives is seriously understaffed, and they often have workers who are archivists [or trainees], not genealogists, or researchers. There is a difference. They can generally tell you how to find records, but not necessarily how to interpret them. Not to say they don't have qualified genealogists, such as Chris Haley or researchers/writers such as Ed Papenfuse, the Archivist. I've never heard of a Wolfboro in Montgomery County.
Pat Andersen, Librarian/Genealogist MCHS, former editor/publisher Western Maryland Genealogy, Abstractor & Publisher of Frederick County Land Record Abstracts, 1748-1772 (9 volumes). Used with permission.

Clearly this is a land GRANT - possibly given for service in the Revolutionary War?

I read Umstat

35 presumably miles from G.T. - Germantown??? If so, this would be Germantown, MARYLAND, not PA. See Eleanor Mayfarth's comments in the Time Line.

Page 7

Column: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Column: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Owners Names: Umstatt, Abraham, and Umstatt, John (I'm open to correction, the archivist reading the originals read Umstadt for Abraham. I didn't ask her to read John's numbers).
Column 1: Value of Real Property - Abraham 19, John - (none)
Column 2: Males Between 14 & 45 years
Column 3: Value
Column 4: Females from 14-36 years
Column 5: Value
Column 6: Males & Females from 8-14 years - Abraham 1, John (none)
Column 7: Value 25
Column 8: Males & Females under 8 years of age
Column 9: Value
Column 10: Males above 46 and females above 36
Column 11: Value
Column 12: ozs. of plate (plate silver or silverware)
Column 13: Value
Column 14: Horses
Column 15: Blk Cattle (probably black cattle or beef cattle) - Abraham 2, John 3
Column 16: Value - Abraham 2, John 3
Column 17: Value of other property -
Abraham 12, John 6
Column 18: Amt of the whole property: Abraham 60, John 11
Column 19: Pound rate:
Abraham 15, John 2 9
Column 20: No. of White Inhabitants:
Abraham 2, John 7



The difference between page 23 and page 7 is that of the real property vs. the actual assessed land, according to the Maryland State Archives. Indexes show MO (Montgomery Co) Lingamore and Sugar Loaf Hundred for both page 7 and page 23. This should mean that Abraham was the same person on both lists.

Did John live in the second house?

The archivist transcribed the headings and entries on Abraham for me from the originals. The copies I received were white on black, which I inverted to black on white and enhanced as best I could.


(Assessment of 1783, Index)
1783 Montgomery County
MSA S 1437
S 1161-8-1 1/4/5/51

Courtesy of Maryland State Archives - used with permission



22 October 2004

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