Abraham UMSTALL 1820 Washington Co, DC, Georgetown District



The entire census page is handwritten. It is very hard to read. I'm open to correction on the transcript of the heading.

The number of persons within my division of this District of Columbia consisting of (?) (?) part of the County of Washington on the west side of Rock(?) Creek(?) including George Town, together with the first Ward of the City of Washington and with(?) that part of the County of Washington west of the road leading from 14th Street (?) West by Rock(?) Creek(?) Church to the North ??? of the ??? in a schedule hereto a????ed (the word is not attached, it might be accompanied) ???-??? (one word or two) by me(?) this ?4th day of November 1821.

8th line down:
UMSTALL (as spelled in index), but the census taker didn't cross the t in the name Smith a few lines above Abraham either. It is presumably Umstatt.

1 free white male 45 and upwards
1 free white female 45 and upwards
1 person engaged in manufacturing (it doesn't say which, assume Abraham).

No children, slaves or indentured persons



This image is available online - Image #62. Search by the spelling shown above. I have a copy of the image on file.

The 1800 District of Columbia, Washington Co, Georgetown Twp Census shows an Abraham whose last name appears to be Beaugard. It's definitely not UM. I have the image on file. The Ancestry.com index lists him as both Bongard and Mongard. I mention this only in case someone else runs into it and thinks it's one of our Abes.

Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Volume 15 Number 4, November, 1974 , page 226, states: UMSTEAD (HUMSREAD), Abraham, Mont. Co, Md. census 1790 - 1800 - 1810; Enoch and Nicholas in Fred. Co., Md. 1790 Census [R-29].


15 October 2004


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